Sunday, December 31, 2017

Radio Free Vermont

Radio Free Vermont: a fable of resistance / Bill McKibben, 224 pgs.

Can I just say "Everything that Kara said" about this book?  I will add that the perfect part here is Vern, our unexpected suspected terrorists, takes a call on his radio show from Ed.  Ed disagrees with Vern so Vern tells him why he holds his position.  Then he says "I think you're wrong, but you may be right." He then makes the point that there seems to be a lack of discussions today, instead there is name calling and then entrenchment on every issue.  Harken back to a time when people used to use some critical thinking skills and at least have the ability to see the points that other people make.  I think this book called a fable but it didn't that used to be real? 

I can only recommend this to everyone and hope that it will help people see that we can work together.

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