Monday, July 2, 2018

Waypoint Kangaroo

Waypoint Kangaroo / Curtis C. Chen, 312 pgs.

A spy thriller in a science fiction setting, special agent Kangaroo is sent on a vacation to avoid the auditors.  While on his luxury cruise to Mars, he is called into action when there is a murder on board.  The murder is just the start of a larger conspiracy that puts everyone on board in peril and threatens to start an interplanetary war.  Kangaroo has a bunch of special features, built in communication equipment and bionic features that allow him to "see" radiation and radio waves as well as implants in others.  His big superpower, however, is a parallel universe that only he can access through is "pocket." All the best equipment in the world can sometimes have a hard time foiling a well planned operation.  Kangaroo is a guy who always has a quip at hand and is mostly competent on his missions.  If you are someone who agrees that a bad plan is better than no plan at all, you will have fun reading this book.

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