Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Clarence Principle

The Clarence Principle by Fahed Said and Shari Chankhamma, 224 pages

A graphic novel with beautiful art that explores a young man's suicide. I picked up this book at the library when I realized that I had come to the Library for a children's activity without a book to read and without my earbuds. I was upset at first and then realized that since it was a library, I could easily find something else to read. I went to the graphic lit section and found a couple of books, including this one. I thought that he art by Shari Chankhamma was extraordinary and very moving. I found the story that went along with the art a little muddled and sort of self-indulgent, but not bad. Clarence kills himself, apparently over a love affair gone wrong (not sure if Elissa left him, disappointed him or killed herself), and then enters an odd sort of afterlife.

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