Sunday, July 1, 2018

Secrets and Shadows: A Novel

Secrets and Shadows: A Novel by Roberta Silman, 296 pages.

As the novel opens, in 1989, Eve and Paul have been divorced for about 5 years. As news of the fall of the Berlin Wall dominates the news, Paul, who has steadfastly refused to discuss the failure of their once happy marriage, calls Eve and asks her to accompany him to Berlin. Eve knows that Paul is keeping secrets, and feels that she should do more to find out what those secrets might be.
We know all through the book that something terrible happened to Paul while he was a young man, a young Jewish man, hiding in Berlin.
I found Paul a difficult character to relate to or like. Silman tells and shows us that Paul is very well regarded by almost everyone even though he is kind of a dick. Eve puts up with him, despite his numerous infidelities (I guess the 70s and 80s were different times), and his coldness and quasi-abusive behavior. She comes back to hear the secret and somehow ends up believing what? that the secret being revealed means Paul's behavior will somehow change? Paul's story is very interesting and Eve is a good solid character. Pretty good.

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