Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The friend

The friend / Sigrid Nunez, 212 pgs.

A moving novel about a woman whose best friend and mentor commits suicide.  She is surprised, she shocked, she feels very alone.  Then the friend's wife asks her if she will take his dog.  The dog is grieving and missing his owner.  The wife never liked the dog and doesn't want to care for him.  The friend takes the dog and it changes her life.  Now she is very focused on the dog.  She is potentially going to be evicted from her apartment that does not allow dogs.  Now she and the dog are grieving together and isolating themselves from other people.  She wants the dog to have a good life but he is old and still missing his original owner.  The book is a real meditation on life, death, grief, writing, teaching and dogs (really all pets).  Well done.

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