Saturday, July 7, 2018


Destroyer by Victor LaValle, 160 pages.

LaValle's retelling of the Frankenstein story involves a scientist who is not so much mad as justifiably angry.
While working on a way to use nanotechnology to extend life towards immortality, her son was (maybe this is a spoiler, but I don't really think so. Stop reading here just in case and assume this was the best review you ever read. Then go read the book and be amazed at LaValle's work and at my reviewing skills) killed by the police. She is hunted by her former employers and by a monster from the past. While I found it a little loose in the beginning (why did Agent Byron and his partner immediately open fire on Baker when they were clearly tasked with bringing her in? is this a commentary on law enforcement and black citizens? wait, maybe it is. I am just realizing this as I am typing it and realizing once again what a slow reader I actually am). Never mind that last complaint. This is a very good graphic novel.

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