Monday, July 2, 2018

Stephen Florida

Stephen Florida / Gabe Habash, 287 pgs.

Stephen Florida is kind of a sad sack.  His parents died in a car wreck when he was fairly young and the grandma he lived with died of cancer right about the time he graduated from High School. Now he has devoted his energy to wrestling.  He wants to win a national championship.  Nothing else really exists...he attends classes and deals with loneliness but only thinks bout winning. He takes a young wrestler under his wing. Along the way, he meets Mary Beth, and they seem to fall in love.  Stephen gets injured and comes closer and closer to losing his mind. He worries that his coach is plotting against him.  He discovers a horrible secret about his young friend and Mary Beth leaves for a job.  Stephen realizes he has nothing in his life beyond the national championship.  Will he win it?  Does it matter?  What will happen next?  An interesting story of obsession and an insight into a brain that I could not always understand but often found relate-able.

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