Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Monk of Mokha

The Monk of Mokha / Dave Eggers, read by Dion Graham, 336 pgs.

In interesting story of an intrepid entrepreneur who decides to elevate his culture by importing coffee from its origin, Yemen.  Of course there are a few stumbling blocks.  Mokhtar is 25 years old and drifting between sales jobs starting at Banana Republic and at the start of this journey, he is a door man.  Also, he has never tasted coffee...but why should this impinge on his plans to learn a LOT about coffee, become a Q taster (the highest level of coffee expert) and importer?  Well, Yemen is also in the midst of a civil war so that also isn't helping.  Against all odds, Mokhtar just keeps pushing forward, not sure what he is doing but confident he will figure it out.  An engaging story of someone with a classic American Dream who is dedicated to pulling it off.  Dion Graham's narration adds plenty to the story and it is nice to hear all of the places and people's name with correct pronunciation.

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