Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Waking gods

Waking gods / Sylvain Neuvel, read by a full cast, 324 pgs.

 This book is set ten years after the first book.  Rose Franklin is “reincarnated” and having some problems with that concept.  Kara and Vincent have been learning more about Themis and her operation but serving a mostly ceremonial role.  All that changes when a robot appears in London and just stands around for days.  Nobody knows the intentions  but eventually the “powers” decide to attack the robot.  As a result, the robot brushes off the military and obliterates a portion of the city.  Themis, piloted by Kara and Vincent, attacks the robot and beats it in hand to hand combat.  The world is relieved until 13 robots show up in major cities around the world and release poison gas that kills 99.9% of the population.  The scientists at EDC work to figure out why some survive the attack and how to deal with the continued threat of the alien robots.

This audio is great and the full cast does a wonderful job.  The production includes a discussion during a political proceeding and news reports that feel like the real deal. The audio really enhances the experience of this book. Highly recommended.

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