Monday, August 7, 2017


Belgravia by Julian Fellowes, 402 pages

Written by the creator of Downton Abbey, Belgravia delves into the world of the British upper crust with the sort of sumptuous detail that only Fellowes can muster. Belgravia is the tale of two families led by strong women — the Countess of Brockenhurst and Anne Trenchard, the wife of a rich developer — and the mysterious Charles Pope, a man with whom both women are fascinated, though for reasons unknown to society at large, and even some members of their own families. Once again, there is plenty of tension between the families and their servants, as well as some truly conniving characters, making this a treat for those who are missing Downton Abbey. Kathleen recommended this audiobook to me, and I must agree that it was remarkably well read by actress Juliet Stevenson. An excellent book, beautifully presented.

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