Monday, August 7, 2017


Artemis by Andy Weir, 320 pages

A lifelong resident of the first city on the moon, Jazz Bashara has spent her teen years and adulthood disappointing her hard-working father, first by rebelling in definitely unsafe ways with unsafe boys, and eventually by becoming the smartest smuggler in Artemis. When one of her clients offers her a risky challenge that will pay off big time for Jazz, she's thrown into a dangerous series of events that risks her life, the lives of her friends and family, and, shoot, all of Artemis, when it comes down to it. While Weir's sophomore effort (after the blockbuster The Martian) has its flaws, this madcap caper has plenty of the science and humor that are Weir's trademarks. And I love Jazz as a character. I'd love to see more books featuring her, and Artemis, in the future. This book comes out in November, and it's sure to have a wait list, so get in line now!

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