Saturday, August 12, 2017

The coldest winter

The coldest winter / Antony Johnston, illustrated by Steven Perkins 177 pgs.

Berlin in winter, it is COLD but a Soviet scientist wants to defect.  Agent David Perceval has a had a series of screw ups, he is getting sent home.  His last assignment is to get this scientist out of the country.  David is in a situation where he doesn't trust anyone.  Travel is very restricted due to the weather, it is the height of the Cold War.  And yet, he does not fall for the situation that would ensure his failure.  Instead, he double crosses where needed just by doing his job well.  He sneaks the scientist out and now will continue in his job for at least another day.

The artwork here is wonderful.  Everyone is a shady character, just as it was during the Cold War.

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