Thursday, August 17, 2017

The brutal telling, by Louise Penny

Treating ourselves to two Louise Penny novels while on vacation.  This is the fifth in the series and we’re back on familiar ground in Three Pines, which as I have said elsewhere is a bit like Brigadoon – only it surfaces when murder is afoot.  The old Hadley house, which is almost as much of a character as the angry old poet Ruth and her pet duck, Rosa, makes another appearance as well.  An unidentified man is found dead in Gabri and Olivier’s bistro.  It soon becomes suspected that he was killed elsewhere and planted there to ruin their business.  The old Hadley house is no longer a nightmare haunted place, but is being refurbished as a tony spa and boutique hotel – is this competition why a dead man is placed in the bistro?  Great characters and atmosphere.  372 pp.

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