Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wicked Autumn

Wicked Autumn by G.M. Malliet  297 pp.

This is one of those typical British mysteries where an inexplicable death occurs in a small village and multiple townspeople could be the culprit. Max Tudor, the Anglican priest in the small town of Nether Monkslip is a former MI5 agent. His drastically changed career is disturbed by the murder of Wanda, the obsessively controlling head of the local Women's Institute. Wanda has crossed swords with many in town and her severe peanut allergy was widely known. But who stole her Epi-pen and then exposed her to the deadly legume? Max assists the local police with their investigation. There is nothing new or surprising here. It's just a nice story with a lot of interesting characters. Not great literature but a nice easy read.

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