Thursday, August 3, 2017

Running Girl

Running girl / Simon Mason, 420 pgs.

Garvie Smith has the highest IQ every recorded at his school and one of the lowest grade point average.  He isn't focused on school but mostly because he has bigger things on his mind.  Classmate and onetime girlfriend Chloe Dow is murdered but Garvie isn't happy with the way the inquiry is going.  Inspector Singh is on his first big case and he is disturbed by Garvie's interference...until he realizes Garvie may have a point.  Our young Sherlock-like genius is willing to put himself at risk to figure out the details of the case.  His mother is worried about his grades and looking into relocating to Barbados to a new job offer.  She makes a deal with Garvie about his grades.  Can Garvie live up to his promise?  Will anyone figure out all the details of Chloe's demise?  Singh is a good investigator and so is Garvie.  Together they make an interesting team.

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