Thursday, April 20, 2017

Vinegar Girl

Vinegar Girl: the Taming of the Shrew Retold / Anne Tyler, 237 pp.

I have never read Taming of the Shrew or seen any of its spinoffs (Kiss Me Kate), but I enjoyed this small story, set where most (or all?) of Anne Tyler is set, in Baltimore among very ordinary people.  Kate is a rough-around-the-edges preschool teacher, at 30 still living with her professor father and sister.  When her father enthusiastically introduces her to his research assistant, Russian Pyotr, a valued scientist with visa problems,  Kate suspects a plot is at work.  If the outcome is predictable, it is fun getting there, and the characters are sweet and true, if a bit thinly sketched.  I enjoyed the audio, read by Kirsten Potter, who created a spot-on voice for Kate.  And if  Pyotr sounded an awful lot like Borat, it didn't distract much.

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