Thursday, April 6, 2017

Born to run

Born to run / Bruce Springteen, 512 pgs.

Sprintsteen is a rock icon and this book, a hefty 500+ pages keeps reminding you of that over and over.  Actually I do like Bruce and the stories he tells of his young and foolish days are sometimes awesome in their stupidity and hubris.  As time goes on, you will recognize many of the events and times.  What you may not know is about his struggle with depression, a topic that he candidly discusses.  There are many wonderful passages in this book but somehow I don't feel like the true Bruce is revealed.  I don't quite know why this book didn't add up to me.  I could only recommend to the most ardent fan. I started with the audio version which Springsteen reads but he reads WAY TOO SLOW for me.  I had to switch over to the actual book.

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