Thursday, April 20, 2017

Romance Reader's Guide to Life

The Romance Reader's Guide to Life / Sharon Pywell, 308 pp.

A charming story within a story.  Neave grows up devouring books in Lynn, Massachusetts, before WWII.  While her older sister Lilly is beautiful, stylish, and charming, Neave refuses to play that game.  Yet she is fascinated by romance, at least as it is portrayed in her favorite novels, particularly The Pirate Lover, a steamy and thrilling bodice ripper which is excerpted throughout the book.

In adulthood, Neave and Lilly become business partners, manufacturing and selling cosmetics.  When Lilly disappears, Neave's life begins to take on the contours of a romance heroine's, as she faces down bad guys and discovers true love.

 Sweet, funny, and extremely eccentric, I suspect this novel is not for everyone.  But I genuinely enjoyed it, and appreciated the author's unusual approach.

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