Friday, April 7, 2017

Our lady of birth control

Our lady of birth control: a cartoonist's encounter with Margaret Sanger / Sabrina Jones, 158 pgs.

Sanger was an early pioneer who advocated birth control (she actually coined the term) and the idea that a woman should have control over when she had children as a way to better care for the children she DID have.  At the time, (early 1900's), there was a decided lack of education about reproduction, sexuality and the methods known in other parts of the world about preventing pregnancy.  Sanger dropped out of nurses training to get married but then worked as a visiting nurse in the slums of New York. She and her husband became involved with leftist political movements and became activists.  Over the years, she convinced many lovers and others to help in her movement and coined the term "birth control."  This book also touches on the activities of the author during the anti-feminist backlash in the Reagan era.  The two stories are similar enough to make you wonder exactly how much progress has been made.  Perhaps current events make this even more timely.

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