Sunday, April 30, 2017

Searching for John Hughes

Searching for John Hughes by Jason Diamond, 285 pages

Everyone has that one celebrity that they flat-out idolize, just absolutely adore, and wish they could sit down an learn the inner thoughts of. For Jason Diamond, it's director John Hughes, the man behind Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Home Alone, and The Breakfast Club. Diamond grew up in Skokie, Illinois, in the same neighborhoods where Hughes set all of his iconic movies. But Diamond's life was much rougher than anyone in a Hughes film: Diamond dealt with an abusive father and a mother who left him homeless at 16 (literally: she moved to South Carolina and didn't invite him to come with her or plan for any place for him to stay). Diamond found relief in Hughes' films, and when he was attempting to forge a career as a writer in his 20s, Diamond made a snap decision to write the biography of the reclusive director.

Searching for John Hughes details Diamond's five-year-long failed attempt to write the definitive Hughes biography, and it does so with such honesty and humor that it's instantly relatable, even for those who have no book-writing ambitions. I really enjoyed this book, and Diamond's self-aware musings. Fun for Hughes fans, or anyone whose ever considered meeting their idols.

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