Friday, April 21, 2017

The assistants

The Assistants / Camille Perri, 282 pgs.

Tina is media titan Roberts' assistant.  She does a great job and takes care of all the details.  One day, due to an error, she gets an expense check that should be returned to the company.  Instead, she pays of her student loan.  Not long after, Emily, the assistant up in accounting who approves expense reports confronts her.  Emily won't turn her in if they can do the same to pay off HER loans.  As more people find out what is up, they want in on the scheme.  Even though things are going along just fine, Tina starts dating Kevin, a do-gooder who believes she is working on developing a non-profit to help women with their student loan debt...not far from the truth, really.  As predicted, eventually there is a blow up and things get real.  Will Tina find her spine and fight back or will the loyal assistant be the "good girl."  Highly entertaining!

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