Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Rules Do Not Apply: A Memoir

The Rules Do Not Apply: A Memoir by Ariel Levy, 207 pages

The firs part of Levy's memoir recounts her life pre-2014, when she was young. She tells of her early loves,and of her writing, and eventually of falling in love with Lucy, the woman she would one day marry. But the book is centered around 2014, after she and Lucy wed, when she, Ariel, traveled to Mongolia while her life was, unbeknownst to her, already falling apart. While in Mongolia for a story as a staff writer for the New Yorker she suffers a miscarriage in her hotel room. This events changes her, and further revelations on her return home show her that her live had, in fact, already been irrevocably changed without her noticing.  Levy writes about all this in a surprisingly moving, yet matter-of-fact way, Sad but powerful.

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