Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Macbeth: a novel by A.J. Hartley & David Hewson  328 pp.

I admit I haven't read the original Shakespeare Macbeth since high school so I can't comment on all the differences between this book and the play. The most prominent one is the author's decision to give Lady Macbeth the first name of Skena (Scottish meaning: from Skene). Because of the novel format many things are given more detail than in the play. The relationship between Macbeth and his Lady, and her torment over the death of her infant and subsequent barrenness are elaborated upon. As a stand alone novel it works. It isn't necessary to be familiar with the play to find this version entertaining if a bit specific in the blood and gore department. However, many of the familiar quotes you expect from the play are missing e.g. no "Double double toil and trouble...". It's not a replacement for the play but a nice addendum. The Scottish actor Alan Cumming did an nice job of narration on the audiobook.

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