Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Last Mile

The Last Mile by David Baldacci  420 pp.

Former police officer, Amos Decker, introduced in Memory Man, suffers from hyperthymesia aka perfect recall and synesthesia which causes him to see certain past events as colors. Decker has become part of an FBI task force to work on unsolved crimes. After hearing a story on the radio about Melvin Mars, convicted of the murder of his parents and due to be executed when a death row inmate in another state confesses to the murders, Decker convinces the task force to investigate that case because he feels a strong connection to Mars, both because of being wrongly accused of the murder of his family as Decker once was, and because they each were college football champions with promising NFL careers. What is revealed in the investigation involves racially motivated crimes that took place before either man was born. The story is convoluted and is very far-fetched and often just "too much". But the characters are appealing and intriguing or despicable and evil. I like the Amos Decker character and hope to see more books about him.

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