Monday, June 17, 2013

Man in the empty suit

Man in the empty suit/Sean Ferrell 306 pgs.

If you were a time traveler and a self proclaimed genius, how might you spend your time?  Going back in time and viewing significant events (check), going to the future and checking out what is happening (check), going to your own birthday party every year and spending it with a lot of yourself at different ages (check).  The year the narrator turns 39 is a significant one. He shows up in the best looking, best fitting suit ever and is king of the party...except for when he finds his 40 year old self dead...the victim of a gunshot wound.  This is also the first year anyone else is at the party.  The beautiful and mysterious Lily shows up, clearly invited, but by whom?  Some of the elders are very protective of her but some are clearly "untethered" from him and thus not really his future self.  The dead body DOES seem to be his future self so he has a year to solve this crime AND prevent it.  As with any time travel story, this one makes you think.

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