Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Journey into Mystery: Fear Itself

Journey into Mystery vol. 1:  Fear Itself by Keiron Gillen and Douglas Braithewaite; graphic novel; 136 pages

A friend recommended this as a good place to get started in the Marvel universe.  Since I loved Loki in the recent Marvel movies, I thought I'd give it a try.  Unfortunately, I think my friend was overestimating how familiar I am with Marvel, especially with its less mainstream characters, like Thor (I can stumble through a Spiderman or X-Men comic, but I'm lost on Avengers-related stuff).  Here's what I could gather from the rather confusing book:  Loki has died (in a previous arc) and through a convoluted series of events, has been reincarnated as a younger, more innocent version of himself.  At the same time, Odin has gone kind of crazy, and is enslaving the residents of Asgard into a brutal war against The Serpent.  Loki's goals are two-fold in this story:  recover his memories and cunning that he lost when he died, and stop the impending doom that only he sees coming. 

While I like Loki as a character, I got lost in all the side characters that were introduced here.  I also found myself getting frustrated, since my knowledge of Norse mythology is only slightly better than my knowledge of Marvel mythology, and I had trouble telling where Marvel ended and Norse myth began (I may very well be the only one bothered by things like that).  Gillen's art, on the other hand, was AMAZING.  I'd pick up anything else he's done in a heartbeat. 

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