Monday, April 30, 2012

A Murderous Yarn

A Murderous Yarn, by Monica Ferris 243 pgs.

Betsy Devonshire, a needlework shop owner, gets involved in an antique car show/race.  She decides to sponsor her friend Lars' car, and donate time to help with the show.  Everyone is enjoying the show/race until one of the drivers ends up dead and never makes it to the finish line.  Betsy goes into detective mode to determine if it was an accident or was he murdered  perhaps by a jealous competitor.  This is the fifth book in this needlecraft mystery, and there is a free antique car themed cross stitch pattern at the end of the book.  I've been following this mystery series since book one, and have really enjoyed reading them all.  You don't have to read them in order.  I am reading book seven now, because I tend to want to read them by the season.  Book six is centered around the Fall/Halloween season.  So I think I'll save that one for a September/October read.  If you love needlecrafts, you love this series!

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