Friday, April 13, 2012


Fablehaven by Brandon Mull  359 pp.

Fablehaven is a sort of wildlife refuge but there are no lions, giraffes, or hippos there. Fairies, satyrs, imps, naiads, trolls, brownies, a witch, a giant cow, an enchanted chicken and even a Golem live in the sanctuary for magical creatures. Kendra and Seth are staying with their grandfather, the caretaker of the refuge. In spite of multiple warnings, Seth just can't stop breaking the rules. After he accidentally harms a fairy, the story takes a darker turn. The fairies take revenge and change Seth into a horrible beast. Grandfather must get help from an imprisoned witch to return him to normal. Soon the annual wild happenings on the Summer Solstice turn horribly violent and Grandfather Sorenson is kidnapped. It's up to the kids to rescue him and save the refuge from destruction by an evil demon. This first book in the series leaves the reader wanting to read more.

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