Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells

Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells, 355 pages,
Cindy recommended this to me and I really enjoyed it. Maskelle is wandering her world accompanied by a swordsman she rescued from marauders, a troop of actors, and a man-sized puppet in need of an exorcism. Once, she was the sure and certain Voice of the Adversary, second highest in the religious hierarchy of her kingdom, now she wanders the world trying to figure out what caused her to misunderstand her vision, alienate the emperor, and cast herself into doubt and confusion years ago. She speaks for the power that, unlike the other prominent spirits, the Ancestors, was never human. It always spoke to her truly until her false vision. Since then, she has wandered in exile, but now she has been called back to the capital city of Duvalpore. The yearly Rite of the Wheel of the Infinite has been disrupted. The sand map of the world, carefully remade annually, and bound to the real world is being destroyed as it is being remade. Maskelle and all around her must find and fight those who seek to destroy her world. The book seems to take some odd turns towards the end. but the explanations for the course change ring true and the story rights itself and ends well. Great for fans of Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light, and Joe Abercrombie or Megan Whalen Turner's books.
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