Sunday, November 28, 2010

Freakangels volume one by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield

Freakangels volume one by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield, 144 pages, Graphic Novel
There were twelve in the Freakangels clan, together since they were young, and they did a very bad thing and it brought about an end to the world, or at least an end to London. In this first volume we meet the remaining eleven Freakangels when the twelfth, now banished, sends someone back to kill them. Killing them isn't going to be an easy thing , since they all have great mental powers, and can communicate with each other over great distance, hearing each others thoughts. They can read the minds of others and move objects telekinetically. When they work together they have seem to have more power than they can control, and they are still picking up the pieces from the last time they tried. They live in Whitechapel now, growing their own food and helping a group of refugees find enough water and other supplies to survive, while fending off marauding neighbors. There are four volumes so far. It is a well drawn and interesting start to a series. Patrick.

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