Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dead Man's Chest / Kerry Greenwood

Dead man's chest by Kerry Greenwood (a Phryne Fisher mystery, #18). 258 p.

Phryne Fisher is a wealthy, clever young woman living in Australia in 1928. Her life in Melbourne can be fairly sedate--at least compared with her hardscrabble youth before her father inherited a title, her stint as an ambulance driver in WWI France, and her life as an artist's model in postwar France--so she sometimes takes cases as a consulting detective. Throughout the course of the series she has collected a fairly large supporting cast, but in this volume she's gone to the seaside for a vacation with only her hard-working maid and adopted daughters (and their dog). Despite her intentions to have a quiet trip, circumstances embroil her in two cases.

This series is particularly interesting because of its historical setting; the author always includes a bibliography at the end of the books. In this one specifically we have the filming of a movie and a dinner party with a cadre of Surrealists.

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