Tuesday, November 30, 2010

By Nightfall by Micheal Cunningham

By Nightfall by Micheal Cunningham, 238 pages, downloadable audio-7 hours 27 minutes
Peter Harris's solid, satisfying marriage to Rebecca, and his Manhattan gallery, also solid, but not first rate are buffeted by the winds of change around them as family matters interfere, colleagues sicken, and beauty remains elusive. Peter is not young anymore, he cannot see where his gallery, and his career are going and the marketing of art wears on him. He is estranged from his daughter Bea, but doesn't really understand why. When his wife's youngest brother Ethan, called Mizzie (the mistake), comes to stay with them, Peter's equilibrium is thrown off still further. Mizzie, his family's bright star, has been promising everyone that he is no longer using. Rebecca urges Peter to let Mizzie come and work at the gallery and the circumstances leave Peter seeing his life unwind. A beautifully written book whose author cares deeply for, and forgives his characters. One of the year's best. Audio read by Hugh Dancy.

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