Saturday, August 4, 2018

How to stop time

How to stop time / Matt Haig, read by Mark Meadows

A charming book about Tom, a guy who ages but after about age 10, he ages VERY slowly.  He figures about one year for every 15 years so at 439, he looks like he is nearing 40.  His first job was playing the lute in the orchestra of some young playwright named Shakespeare and he has learned to play another 25 instruments or so. There is an organization for people like him that help him relocate and get new identification papers, etc. every 8 years are so.  In present day, he is a HS history teacher.  He is able to really sell history since, in reality, he has lived much of it. After a rough start he excels at connecting with his students. Of course there is other drama, love and a re-connection with an old friend and his daughter.  The audio version is a lot of fun.

One great line, "I have no idea if anything I have said to Anton has got through.  I have only been alive for four hundred and thirty-nine years, which is of course nowhere near long enough to understand the minimal facial expressions of the average teenage boy."

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