Thursday, August 9, 2018

Never Mind

Never Mind  (the Patrick Melrose novels book one) by Edward St. Aubyn  208 pp.

I started on this pentalogy before tackling the Showtime series "Patrick Melrose" starring Benedict Cumberbatch. This first book was quite dull until about half way through. In it we are introduced to  Patrick Melrose, the child, who lives with his horrible parents. His father is abusive to both his wife and son, and anyone else he can get away with. Patrick's beloved mother is an alcoholic who drinks because her husband is so awful to her. She is clueless about the seriousness of the abuse to Patrick. The couple socializes with several equally messed up people who end up looking saint-like in comparison to Patrick's father. It is a scathing assailment on the European upper classe. Apparently this series is semi-autobiographical and St. Aubyn uses this volume to suggest a cause for Patrick's problems in adulthood.

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