Monday, August 6, 2018

West winging it

West winging it: an un-presidential memoir / Pat Cunnane, 310 pgs.

The inside scoop from a kid who started as an intern and worked his way up to a writer for President Obama.  Pat Cunane has a wonderful ability to make fun of himself while appreciating every minute spent in the White House but never overselling his importance.  I loved the "little stories" the best.  Once Pat slammed a door in VP Biden's face and then apologized to his assistant.  He hesitated to be in the frame of a picture taken of his fiance and the president, just in case their relationship didn't work out (he sweetly wanted HER to have a memory with the president).  The attempt to get Pope Francis to bless him by sneezing in his presence is pure genius.  Traveling with the president and wrangling the press sounds like a job only for the young and agile. Not a hard hitting political story, but very fun to read.

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