Monday, August 6, 2018

Last things

Last things: a graphic memoir of loss and love / Marissa Moss, 173 pgs.

A personal story of the author's struggles when her husband was diagnosed with a very fast moving type of ALS. The struggle to cope with the diagnosis is made worse by the speed of decline.  With three young sons, the world is turned upside down very quickly.  The reaction of the author and her husband were very different.  He refused to accept help and threw himself into finishing his life long project, a scholarly book that he had been working on for sixteen years.  The book took priority over his family and that decision left a lot of hurt for years to come.  Of course the author knew her husband loved her and the kids but just couldn't deal with the situation.  However, the kids were too young to understand. This is one of those stories you hope to never be able to relate to very closely.  Beautifully done.

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