Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Dietland / Sarai Walker, 310 pgs.

Plum has spent her life being fat but now she is scheduled for surgery.  Once she gets the surgery, she will lost lots of weight, wear stylish clothing and go by her given name, Alicia.  Plum works for a fashion magazine but she works from home.  She responds to letters sent to her boss by young women and girls who have a variety of problems.  She isn't an advice columnist, she responds directly to the emails in the "voice" of Kitty, her boss.  One day, it registers with Plum that she is being followed.  She ends up getting involved in a feminist group and moving into a house that used to serve wayward teens.  She starts a new program that really focuses on life changes.  She starts seeing herself as a person, not just a fat person.  In other world news, a radical group is forcing changes in advertising and publishing.  No more sexist photos of women only.  Is this movement related to the group Plum is living with?  What does it all mean?  You won't get any spoilers from me.  Read it yourself!

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