Sunday, June 3, 2018

The music shop

The music shop / Rachel Joyce, read by Steven Hartley, 306 pgs.

Frank runs the music shop in a run-down suburb.  He has a way of connecting people with what they need to hear. In fact, it is really his gift.  He touches people's lives with music and he isn't sure how he knows what they need.  Frank is a good-hearted guy, a little eccentric, for example, he refuses to carry CDs even as they are becoming very popular.  Vinyl only is his motto and he doesn't want to hear another thing about it.  One day, a beautiful woman comes in and she and Frank are smitten with each other.  But why is Frank available?  Why hasn't he already been snapped up by someone?  Well, Frank may have some issues.  He and Ilsa have an ill fated courtship but she ends up leaving the country without him.  Not long after, tragedy strikes the store.  Frank is now wandering.  Ilse goes home and begins life anew but when her mother dies, she decides to try to look Frank up and see if they can rekindle their relationship.  She returns 20 years after their first meeting and is struck by what has happened.  Can they reconnect?  This book is wonderfully narrated by Steven Hartley.

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