Sunday, June 3, 2018

The good byline

The good byline / Jill Orr, 290 pgs.

Riley Ellison is 24, a library assistant in her hometown of Tuttle Corner, VA.  Her grand plan was to marry her perfect boyfriend and live happily-ever after but instead, Ryan had a "mid 20's crisis" and left town.  Now everyone feels sorry for Riley.  She is still trying to get over the big breakup when one of her childhood friends commits suicide.  The friend's mom asks Riley to writ the obituary, something her journalist grand-father was famous for doing.  In fact, Riley is somewhat of an obit obsessive herself.  But when she starts researching for her assignment, she starts second guessing the suicide and thinks maybe her friend was murdered.  Full of quirky characters, this book is a good beach read.  The plot may be full of holes but Riley does her best to make you ignore them.

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