Saturday, June 9, 2018

Every note played

Every note played / Lisa Genova, read by Dagmara Dominczyk & Dennis Boutsikaris 307 pgs.

Richard is a successful concert pianist who has life by the tail until he has problems playing to his potential.  Eventually he is diagnosed with ALS and begins a quick decent into a health hell that leaves him unable to play, unable to use his hands at all and eventually unable to walk.  Unlike his professional success, his personal life is kind of a mess.  He is divorced from Karina and they did not split amicably.  His daughter Grace and he don't really speak and he knows he hasn't been a good father.  When living alone becomes impossible, he ends up back with his ex-wife who, despite her hatred of him, ends up taking care of him.  Taken by surprise by illness, Richard had never planned for something like this and can't afford the care that he needs.  Somehow he Karina heal their broken relationship and both see their own faults instead of just blaming the other for their problems.  A realistic depiction of a horrible disease.  The narrators take turns telling the story of each of the main characters.  Memorable.

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