Sunday, December 18, 2016


Siracusa / Delia Ephron 288 pgs.

Two couples vacation together in Italy.  Michael and Lizzy live in new York, Finn and Taylor live in Portland, Maine.  Their connection is loose, Lizzy and Finn dated many years before but they have vacationed together several times since.  Finn and Taylor are accompanied by their shy 10 year old, Snow.  Snow is beautiful (like Taylor) but is so over protected by her mother she feels little need to speak.  Each chapter in this book is told in alternating viewpoints of the adults.  Each marriage has its struggles, each person is hiding something or hiding from something.  What started out as an interesting meditation on relationships then turns to a darker reality when an event rocks the world of everyone in the book.  I listened to the audio version of this book voiced by four great actors including John Slattery (Roger from Mad Men), and his wife Talia Balsam (Mona from Mad Men).  Great stuff.

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