Wednesday, December 14, 2016


IQ by Joe Ide, 321 pages.

Isaiah Quintabe, the IQ from the title, has been on his own since he was in high-school. He made some bad decisions back then and has been making himself pay for them ever since. His payment back to the community takes the form of using his deductive powers and solving their problems, helping his friends and neighbors to find a little bit of justice in an unfair world. Comparisons between IQ and Sherlock Holmes, both in the book itself and in reviews of the book led me to think that he would be a different character, he's more tenacious, but has less of that flash f instant recognition of what is important than the Baker Street detective, IQ's Watson, Dodson, "a member in good standing of the H-Town Deuce Trey Crip Violators', an ex-con who has been in his life since they were both in high school, is an interesting character, unique among sidekicks. A very good read. I look forward to seeing more in the series.

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