Monday, December 12, 2016

A man called Ove

A man called Ove / Fredrik Backman, 337 pgs.

Ove is a guy who knows the way things are supposed to be done.  He knows that rules are to be followed.  He is the neighborhood curmudgeon who really likes telling people off.  Ove is dealing with overwhelming grief.  His beloved wife has died and Ove wants to follow her.  New neighbors move in and manage to flatten Ove's mailbox.  He has to help them back up a trailer because the new couple can't manage to do it right.  A friendship forms.  Ove ends up helping them out here and there and soon he is helping everyone. Ove is the type of neighbor that keeps you on your toes but also knows how to fix everything so not a bad guy to have around.  Heartwarming.

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