Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dr. Knox

Dr. Knox by Peter Spiegelman, 351 pages.

I remember enjoying Thick as Thieves quite a bit, so I was happy to see Spiegelman's latest on the library shelves earlier this year.
Dr. Knox operates a clinic in a poor neighborhood in LA. His operation is barely above water, financially, and he doesn't really need any more trouble, but when a frightened woman abandons her young son (is he her son?) at the clinic one day, and all sorts of scary looking goons, both of the organized crime, and former special-forces varieties start showing up, looking for both the woman and the boy, Knox's protective nature forces him to do the right thing. The right thing starts out to be dangerous and difficult and gets more and more complicated as he attempts to protect the child and reunite him with the woman Knox assumes is the boy's mother. Luckily, Knox knows a few former military types from his days as a borderless Dr in the Central African Republic. Not the most believable tale, but fast-moving and fun to read.

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