Sunday, December 4, 2016

Furious cool

Furious cool: Richard Pryor and the world that made him / David Henry & Joe Henry, 304 pgs.

Richard Pryor was a man of contradictions, he was a comic genius but had a tumultuous personal life.  His childhood was difficult but he did no better as a father than his parent's.  He was raised by his grandmother and she was the only one who made him feel loved.  His success as a comedian contrasted with his mediocre movie output.  He had a hard time turning money down and it showed.  But all of his success was eclipsed by his drug habit.  He was a mostly unrepentant junkie who often told others he was clean but mostly made no effort to be so.  He was indisputably one of the greatest performers and a huge influence on those who came after him.  This book is not easy to read because you know things don't end well for Richard but it does pay tribute to his abilities.

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