Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Infomocracy / Malka Older 380 pgs.

In the future, elections only occur once every ten years so there is time for governing.  In this new order, countries don't exist anymore and the world is broken into "centenals," or groups of 100,000 voters.  Each area elects a party, most of which are corporate backed. The "microdemocracy" election is run by Information, a company that is Google-like providing information and services to citizens mostly through their handheld devices.  Ken is a political operative for Policy1st and Mishima works for Information. Their paths cross and after an attack on the election debate, they work together to figure out if there is election fraud afoot.

Maybe a bad book to be reading during this election season, maybe a great book to read now.  I'm really not sure.  I leave you with this quote from page 291 "...but democracy is of limited usefulness when there are no good choices, or when the good choices become bad as soon as you've chosen them, or when all the Information access in the world can't make people use it."

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