Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The nix

The nix / Nathan Hill 625 pgs.

Many rave reviews about this book but I'm here to say I just didn't get it.  The story is fine, the characters are somewhat interesting but it just didn't click with me.  Samuel Andresen-Anderson is a college instructor whose life is mostly a lot of unfulfilled promise.  The fact that he was abandoned by his mother at age 11 seems to be a big part of the problem.  When his mother unexpectedly reappears, he is forced to reflect on his childhood and learn more about her life too.  There are some ancillary characters that entertain but don't move the story forward. I prefer it when I'm not looking forward to the end of a book because I like reading it.  At 625 pages, I feel like this book is begging for an editor.

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