Monday, November 7, 2016

Today will be different

Today will be different / Maria Semple 275 pgs.

The book starts with Eleanor detailing how TODAY will be different.  "Today I won't swear....My face will be relaxed...Today I will radiate calm."  You get the idea that this day's goals will be quite a struggle.  And shortly into the day, we realize how much so.  She has a lunch date with a "friend" that she does not like, her third grader is sick at school, and she discovers her husband has told his office he is on vacation for a week (news to Eleanor).  Eleanor is writing a graphic novel, she even got an advance...but today we find out that was eight years ago and her editor doesn't even work at the publishing company any more. I guess nobody has really been on pins and needles for that book. We find out Eleanor has a few relationships in crisis but one of them is not with her husband, the hand surgeon Joe.  But wait a minute, where exactly is Joe?

This book happens in one day but with flashbacks so you can get the back story of all the important characters.  Maybe because Eleanor and I are similar ages, maybe because I can relate with her being overwhelmed with her life, maybe because I like a good laugh and a reason to think, I really enjoyed this book.

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