Saturday, November 26, 2016


IQ / Joe Ide, 321 pgs.

Isaiah Quintabe is a Sherlock-like private detective who works with his brain, not his brawn.  He solves crimes in his hood as a service and way to make things better.  He is still, many years later, smarting from the hit and run killing of his brother Marcus who raised him and made him a better person.  After Marcus dies, Isaiah is at loose ends.  He is still a kid and trying to finish school and live on his own.  He takes in a room mate, fast talking drug dealer Juanell Dodson and they somehow make it work.  Years later, Dodson is still around, still trying to figure out how to get rich off Isaiah's big brain.  They take a job to figure out who is trying to kill Cal, a popular recording artist.

This book told in flash-back and present day follows Isaiah as a young adult and through to becoming an actual adult.  There are a few unbelievable parts to the story but the characters and the writing will make it easy to leave that behind.  Great debut from the author.  Hope he is working on a second for what could be a great series.

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