Monday, April 30, 2018

Head On

Head On by John Scalzi, 335 pages

In the near future, nearly a tenth of the world has been diagnosed with Haden Syndrome, a disease that leaves their fully functioning brains locked into completely debilitated bodies. Thankfully, technological advances have made it possible for these "Hadens" to remain active in society through the use of "threeps," robotic vehicles that are remotely controlled by Hadens. And one of the ways these Hadens participate? Through the wildly popular Hilketa, a (for now) Haden-only sport that involves one team tearing the head off an opposing player's threep. When a player's actual body dies during a pro exhibition match, Haden FBI agent Chris Sloane is on the case, chasing clues down a rabbit hole of money laundering, doping, and marital infidelity, as well as a cat named Donut.

I loved Scalzi's Lock In, and this is an excellent sequel. Chris and partner Vann are great characters, and there are some great ethical questions that pop up in both books. I hope to read more of these in the future!

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